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An outsourced team of beauty professionals
with an in-house vibe.


Why Us

Because Selling Isn't Enough

Even if you're really good at it, selling product isn't enough.

We focus on people, building relationships at every touch point. Investing in people takes time, it's costly and bottom line, it's the right thing to do which is the foundation of building a sustainable brand. ​This is why we started Headkount, to offer a genuine way to humanize brands, scale and help them achieve success at a fraction of the cost.


Years Of Experience

Well Poised

We possess a wealth of relationships  and knowledge about Retailers, Market Launch Strategies, QVC & are well connected within the beauty community.

Our Employees

 Brand Educators

Diverse Team
Multi Retailer Experienced
In Depth Brand On-boarding
100% Background Screened
Cross Category Knowledge

Modern Day Collaborators

Three Generations

Tap into a team of Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X'rs whether you're a start up looking for a flexible way to scale or a legacy brand downsizing your field team.

At our employees' request, Headkount works with cruelty free beauty brands only.

Cruelty Free = doing no harm to anyone or anything.

Blurred image beauty stores with variety

Retail Services


In-Store Education

Brand Love & Awareness

Maximize in store support with our Beauty Educators who teach product key features and benefits, share founders stories & give gratis to store employees so they can discover their own creative tips. We help inspire retail teams, keep them informed and always give them brand love every step if the way.


Client Obsession

We are humbled to be working with these innovative brands, supportive founders, collaborative teams, retail partners and customers.

Makeup For Skincare Freaks

Clean Makeup That Doesn't F*ck Around

Skincare Worth Splurging On

Medical Grade Luxury Skincare


Launched November 2019

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